Happy New Year, everybody! Hope you all had a good holiday season. It was busy for me! Unfortunately not in a productive way. My winter break went by way too quickly, and now I’m back in school and not able to get anything done again! Oh well.

Sorry that it’s been quiet over here for a while, but as I said, I’ve been busy and unable to do the work that I want to do (including comic work.) Regular updates have been resumed! It’s a New Years resolution of mine to not miss any updates this year.

Unfortunately, I am also going back to a single page-per-week update schedule, on Mondays at 12am EST. At this time, I cannot keep up with double updates every week. I deeply apologise! If all goes well, I will be able to go back to double updates sometime this spring at the earliest.

Thank you all for reading my comic! Hopefully this year will be even better than last!